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We are Members and we engage with the Customer

At LABORAL Kutxa, the people who serve you are members of the organisation, who identify with the project and believe in it, which is why they are committed to giving customers the best service. Our customers’ satisfaction is the best guarantee for our business project.

Useful banking, committed to the development of our society

LABORAL Kutxa offers all the products and services of a traditional bank, providing its experience of over 50 years devoted to meeting the financial needs of families and businesses in our area. In addition, a bank’s customers also like to know with whom they have trusted their savings and what they are allocated to.

At LABORAL Kutxa we believe that our mission goes beyond the bank’s profit, we want to contribute to the development of our society. Of our annual profits, 25% is allocated to financing projects of economic and social interest, supporting training and generation of employment, and the rest of the profits are reinvested in the company to strengthen its solvency and future development. We engage in local development, contributing to unique projects that promote research, culture, sport … and the development of our society.

Democratic and responsible management
LABORAL Kutxa is not a listed company; it is not subject to speculative pressure from financial markets. All its members have a shareholding and participate in the bank’s decisions, with responsibility, assuming the consequences of our management. Key decisions are validated at the General Assembly, democratically and with the participation of all members to guarantee effective and responsible management that allows us to make a profit and reinvest in our society.

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