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You don’t have trust, you earn it

In LABORAL Kutxa, we don’t like to talk about “the client” and “the entity”.
We are people working for people. And it is our obligation to assist you, to be fully implicated with you and search for solutions for you.

On entering any of our branch offices, the first thing we do is get to know you.
This is the only way our experience and professionalism can serve you better.
Adapting our products and services to your real needs.
And, of course, with the utmost transparency. This is how we want to earn your trust.

Committed to society, being an active part of our future
Distributing part of our profits to programs in favour of collective progress and our environment is our essence, with actions that generate economic activity and employment.
Because of this, we remain strongly rooted to settings where we develop our activity, supporting projects ranging from employment and culture, training and knowledge, sustainability and environment to social action.

We want our society to progress. Here you will always find support for your projects and dreams, whether family, business or social.

We support education, innovation, the social economy, entrepreneurship in small business projects through Fundacion Gaztenpresa,
and we help in their growth into businesses and enterprises now existing.
We are committed to a future that we create together and for the whole of society.